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Faculty of Engineering
Bachelor's in Engineering: Architectural Engineering (Mons)

  • Panel Chairperson : Christine RENOTTE
  • Panel Secretary : Laurent VAN PARYS
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Bloc 1Hours (*)TermCreditsWeight.
HT(*) HTPE(*) HTPS(*) HD(*) HR(*) Total
Courses required
UI-B1-IRCIVA-001-M Introduction to Architectural Engineering Skills481200060Q255
I-ARCH-030 Introduction to Architectonics
I-GCMS-020 Stuctural Design - Part 1
I-GCMS-120 Structural Design - Part 2
UI-B1-IRCIVA-002-M Differential Geometry, Technical Drawings and Computer Graphics223000860Q155
I-GMEC-021 Differential Geometry, Technical Drawings and Computer Graphics
UI-B1-IRCIVA-003-M Engineering Mathematics 1444400896Q188
I-MARO-020 Algebra 1
I-MARO-021 Analysis 1
UI-B1-IRCIVA-004-M Engineering Mathematics 2323200872Q266
I-MARO-022 Algebra 2
I-MARO-023 Analysis 2
UI-B1-IRCIVA-005-M Theoretical Mechanics I3636001284Q1,Q277
I-MRDV-020 Statics and Applied Statics
I-MRDV-021 Kinematics and Energy Methods of Statics
UI-B1-IRCIVA-006-M General Physics362400060Q155
I-PHYS-002 General Physics
UI-B1-IRCIVA-007-M Architecture & Philosophy1020000102Q1,Q288
I-ARCH-001 Introduction to Architecture
I-ARCH-008 History of Architecture
W-DDIV-006 Philosophy and Social Sciences
UI-B1-IRCIVA-008-M Architecture Project & Oral Communication127200084Q177
I-ARCH-111 Project of Architecture 1 - Imagine in the same way
I-POLY-002 Oral Communication
UI-B1-IRCIVA-009-M Architecture Project & Graphic Communication08400084Q277
I-ARCH-112 Project of Architecture 2 - Small Building
I-ARCH-021 Graphic Communication
UI-B1-IRCIVA-011-M English for Engineers 136000036Q1,Q222
V-LANG-151 General English - part 1
V-LANG-152 General English - part 2
Remedical teaching
UI-B1-IRCIVA-100-M Academic Learning Skills - Q109000090Q1
I-CPFA-001 Renforcement - Math and Sciences
I-CPFA-002 Methodological workshops
I-CPFA-003 Interdisciplinary Workshops
I-CPFA-004 Individual Methodological Follow-up
UI-B1-IRCIVA-200-M Academic Learning Skills - Q204500045Q2
I-CPFA-005 Renforcement - Math and Sciences Q2
I-CPFA-006 Mentoring - Math and Sciences
I-CPFA-007 Individual Methodological Follow-up Q2
Bloc 2Hours (*)TermCreditsWeight.
HT(*) HTPE(*) HTPS(*) HD(*) HR(*) Total
Courses required
UI-B2-IRCIVA-001-M Integrated Architecture Project and Sustainable Design Prérequis Corequis127200084Q177
I-ARCH-113 Project of Architecture 3 - Private Dwelling
I-ARCH-213 Sustainable Design
UI-B2-IRCIVA-002-M Integrated Architecture Project and Structural Design Corequis127200084Q277
I-ARCH-114 Project of Architecture 4 - Public Housing Unit
I-ARCH-214 Structural Design
UI-B2-IRCIVA-003-M Architecture in Context Prérequis68400072Q166
I-ARCH-002 Understanding and Designing Architecture
I-ARCH-041 Urban and Rural Sociology
A-ARSO-104 Philosophy - Philosophical Esthetics
UI-B2-IRCIVA-004-M Structural Mechanics Prérequis324000072Q166
I-GCMS-021 Generalisized Beam Theory
I-GCMS-022 Elastic Buckling and Numerical Methods for Frames
I-GCMS-023 Experimental Advanced Behaviour of Cross-Sections and Beams
UI-B2-IRCIVA-005-M Stuctural Design - Part 2 Prérequis Corequis121200024Q222
I-GCMS-029 Stuctural Design - Part 2
I-GRAR-029 Structural Architectonic and Wood Technology
UI-B2-IRCIVA-006-M Architectonics and Main Structure Technology Prérequis Corequis3624360096Q255
I-ARCH-031 Architectonics and Main Structure Technology
I-GRAR-131 Internship / In-Construction Company Traineeship
UI-B2-IRCIVA-007-M Geology and Artificial Mineral Materials Corequis4317015075Q255
I-GEOL-028 Surface Geology
I-GCMS-030 Connaissance des matériaux minéraux artificiels et des sols
I-GCMS-031 Visites de terrain
UI-B2-IRCIVA-008-M Data Structures and Algorithms204400872Q255
I-INFO-001 Data Structures and Algorithms
UI-B2-IRCIVA-009-M Applied Mathematics Prérequis241200036Q133
I-MARO-024 Systems of Differential Equations and Integral Transforms
UI-B2-IRCIVA-010-M Theoretical Mechanics II Prérequis Corequis303000060Q155
I-MRDV-022 Dynamics of Mechanical Systems
UI-B2-IRCIVA-011-M Thermodynamics Prérequis363600072Q1,Q266
I-TRMO-020 Fundamentals of Thermodynamics
I-TRMO-021 Thermodynamics - Tutorials
I-TRMO-023 Engineering Thermodynamics for Architects
UI-B2-IRCIVA-013-M English for Engineers II Prérequis48000048Q1,Q233
V-LANG-153 Developing Communication Skills
V-LANG-154 Presentation Seminars
Bloc 3Hours (*)TermCreditsWeight.
HT(*) HTPE(*) HTPS(*) HD(*) HR(*) Total
Courses required
UI-B3-IRCIVA-001-M Projet intégré d'architecture et conception des enveloppes Prérequis Corequis127200084Q177
I-ARCH-115 Project of Architecture 5 - Office Building
I-ARCH-201 Conception of the envelopes
UI-B3-IRCIVA-002-M Projet intégré d'architecture et Interventions dans l'existant Prérequis Corequis127200084Q277
I-ARCH-116 Project of Architecture 6 - Conceive in a Building
I-ARCH-216 Conception in existing building
UI-B3-IRCIVA-003-M Contemporary Architecture in Given Contexts Prérequis360036072Q233
I-ARCH-004 Contemporary Architecture in Existing Buildings
I-GRAR-034 Architectural Tour
UI-B3-IRCIVA-004-M Urban Planning24000024Q122
I-POLY-666 Urbanism
UI-B3-IRCIVA-005-M Structural Mechanics and Finite Element Method Prérequis363600072Q166
I-GCMS-109 Structural Mechanics and Finite Element Method
UI-B3-IRCIVA-006-M Stability of Builldings - Part 1 Prérequis241200036Q133
I-GCMS-125 Steel Constrution 1
I-GCMS-126 Reinforced Concrete Construction 1
UI-B3-IRCIVA-007-M Stability of Builldings - Part 2 Prérequis Corequis361200048Q244
I-GCMS-127 Steel Constrution 2
I-GCMS-128 Reinforced Concrete Construction 2
UI-B3-IRCIVA-008-M Architectonics and Completions Technology and Wood Technology Prérequis48000048Q144
I-ARCH-032 Architectonics and Completions Technology
I-ARCH-132 Wood Technology
UI-B3-IRCIVA-009-M Heat Transfer in Buildings Prérequis301800048Q144
I-TRMI-023 Heat Transfer in Buildings Including Fluid Mechanics Basis
UI-B3-IRCIVA-010-M Buildings Electricity Prérequis141000024Q222
I-SEMI-027 Buildings Electricity
UI-B3-IRCIVA-011-M Materials and Ecodesign Prérequis Corequis303000060Q255
I-GCMS-006 Building Materials and Sustainable Design
I-META-106 Etude des matériaux: propriétés, utilisations et cycle de vie
UI-B3-IRCIVA-012-M Elements of Chemistry and Water Treatments326010048Q144
I-GPRO-027 Ecological Impacts and Water Treatment
I-SDMA-030 General Chemistry
I-GPRO-127 Seminar on organic chemistry
UI-B3-IRCIVA-013-M Topography Prérequis Corequis121200024Q222
I-GMEC-022 Topography
UI-B3-IRCIVA-014-M Businesses on the Market24000024Q222
I-MANA-001 Businesses on the Market
UI-B3-IRCIVA-015-M Probability and Statistics Prérequis16800024Q222
I-MARO-012 Probability and Statistics
UI-B3-IRCIVA-016-M English for Engineering III Prérequis48000048Q1,Q233
V-LANG-155 English for Engineering
V-LANG-156 Preparatory Seminars to English Test
Enseignements complémentaires0
UI-B3-IRCIVA-722-M Scientific Topics in Engineering000000Y22
I-POLY-068 Scientific Topics in Engineering
UI-B3-IRCIVA-723-M Advanced Scientific Topics in Engineering000000Y33
I-POLY-069 Advanced Scientific Topics in Engineering
(*) HT : Hours of theory - HTPE : Hours of in-class exercices - HTPS : hours of practical work - HD : HMiscellaneous time - HR : Hours of remedial classes. - Per. (Period), Y=Year, Q1=1st term et Q2=2nd term
Please note, the course titles given here are translations of the original titles and are provided in English for information only. In order to know in which language the course will be taught, please refer to the French page. There, the titles provided in French indicate that the course is taught in French and the titles provided in English indicate that the course is taught in English.
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