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Selected topics in artificial intelligence
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      Content of Learning Activity

      This course deals with advances in artificial intelligence through deep learning applied to the modeling of temporal sequences with long-term dependencies, and in particular to natural language processing:
      - Contemporary AI using deep neural networks: DNN, CNN, RNN, LSTM, GRU, Attention, Transformers, GPT, generative models, GANs, auto-encoders, etc.
      - Applications to natural language processing: natural language processing (NLP) and modeling, machine translation (neural machine translation), text classification and document information extraction, "chatbots" and answering questions, extraction and search of information in "big data" unstructured text / images, human-computer dialogue systems, situated interaction (language + vision) for example in games, text generation.
      - Artificial intelligence models comprising billions of parameters and able to memorize and exploit the structure of language as well as knowledge and facts; importance of studying the equity and biases of AI in this context.

      This course will include practicals to acquire the theory.

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      All learning resources and tools required for this cours are available via Moodle, the online e-learning platform of UMONS.

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      Additional recommended material is also accessible through Moodle, the online e-learning platform of UMONS.

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