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Corporate Finance - AAEHP
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      Content of Learning Activity

      The course focuses on the problem of mergers & acquisitions and of the firm's valuation. This valuation can be driven in various contexts : acquisition, merger, transmission, initial public offering, ... The different techniques of valuation are investigated in the light of these diverse situations. The critical analysis of valuation methods makes the object of a particular care and constitutes the opportunity to revise the various theories of the corporate finance.

      Required Learning Resources/Tools

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      Recommended Learning Resources/Tools

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      Other Recommended Reading

      R.A. BREALEY, S.C. MYERS, F. ALLEN, Principles of corporate finance, McGraw Hill, 2008.
      J. BERK & P. DEMARZO, Finance d'entreprise, Pearson, 4e édition, 2018.
      P. DELLA FAILLE, Fusions, acquitions et évaluations d'entreprises, De Boeck et Larcier, 2001.
      J.F. WESTON, J.A. SIU, B.A. JOHNSON, Takeovers, restructuring & corporate governance, Prentice Hall, 2001.
      J.M. STERN, D.H. CHEW, The revolution in corporate finance, Blackwell publishing, 2003.
      P. GIRAUDON, V. JUQUET, S. ONNEE, Evaluation d'entreprises, Pearson, 2009.
      S. PARIENTE, Analyse financière et évaluation d'entreprise, Pearson, collection Synthex, 2009.

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      • Conférences
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