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Environmental Management
Programme component of Graduate Certificate in Environmental Management à la Warocqué School of Business and Economics

Students are asked to consult the ECTS course descriptions for each learning activity (AA) to know what assessment methods are planned for the end of Q3

CodeTypeHead of UE Department’s
contact details
UW-U1-MANENV-002-MCompulsory UEMORONCINI AuroraW748 - Economie et gestion environnementales et de la production
  • MORONCINI Aurora

of instruction
of assessment
HT(*) HTPE(*) HTPS(*) HR(*) HD(*) CreditsWeighting Term
  • Français
Français45000066.002nd term

AA CodeTeaching Activity (AA) HT(*) HTPE(*) HTPS(*) HR(*) HD(*) Term Weighting
W-EGEP-006Environmental Management450000Q2100.00%
Programme component

Learning Outcomes of UE

To apply the tools of environmental management in adequacy with the characteristics and the external context of an organization.

Content of UE

Environmental strategies: typology, characteristics and conditions of implementation. Tools of environmental management.

Prior Experience

Not applicable

Type of Assessment for UE in Q2

  • N/A

Q2 UE Assessment Comments

Evaluation by AA. For modalities of evaluation, refer to corresponding AA.

Type of Assessment for UE in Q3

  • N/A

Q3 UE Assessment Comments

Evaluation by AA. For modalities of evaluation, refer to corresponding AA.

Type of Teaching Activity/Activities

AAType of Teaching Activity/Activities
  • Cours magistraux
  • Conférences

Mode of delivery

AAMode of delivery
  • Face to face

Required Reading


Required Learning Resources/Tools

AARequired Learning Resources/Tools
W-EGEP-006Not applicable

Recommended Reading


Recommended Learning Resources/Tools

AARecommended Learning Resources/Tools
W-EGEP-006Not applicable

Other Recommended Reading

AAOther Recommended Reading
W-EGEP-006· A. MORONCINI, Stratégie environnementale des entreprises, PPUR, Lausanne, 1998.
· G. AZZONE & al., " Defining Operating Environnemental Strategies ", Business Strategy
and Environment Conference, 1995.
· A. GHODABIAN & al., " Extending Linear Approaches to Mapping Corporate
Environmental Behaviour " , Business Strategy and the Environment, n°1, 1998.
· A. MORONCINI, Le Manager et l'environnement, PPUR, Lausanne, 2003.
· Règlement EMAS ; Normes de la famille ISO 14 000 ; Norme ISO 26 000.

Grade Deferrals of AAs from one year to the next

AAGrade Deferrals of AAs from one year to the next
(*) HT : Hours of theory - HTPE : Hours of in-class exercices - HTPS : hours of practical work - HD : HMiscellaneous time - HR : Hours of remedial classes. - Per. (Period), Y=Year, Q1=1st term et Q2=2nd term
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